Transferring on to the Tax Pathway

Transferring for current ATT students

You can apply to transfer to the Tax Pathway provided you have not passed more than two of the ATT written papers. You would also not be allowed to transfer if you have entered to sit / awaiting a result of a third ATT paper. 

You will be required to pay the balance of the Tax Pathway registration fee.  For more information on the Tax Pathway fees please visit here.

Transferring for current CTA students

If you are a current CTA student you can also transfer onto the Tax Pathway and the following conditions will apply:

  • Any previous Awareness pass must be forfeited, to be sat again (or a third ATT paper).
  • A previous pass in any of the Advanced Technical papers, before you transferred to the Pathway, will entitle you to a exemption in the respective ATT papers (see the ATT credits section).
  • Any previous exemptions will be transferred automatically and without charge.
  • Please note that exemptions are not valid against an ATT paper for any CTA paper passed within the Pathway. 

How to Transfer

Please remember that if you are an ATT student who has passed more than two ATT written papers (which includes awaiting any pending result of a third ATT paper), you are not permitted to transfer to the Pathway.

If you have entered for exams, you cannot apply to transfer between the standard exam entry closing date and when exam results are released for that session.

Registered as an apprentice or considering an apprenticeship?

All new apprentices will register for the Trailblazer Professional Taxation Technician Apprenticeship. 

For more details on transferring onto the Tax Pathway please see our FAQs here, email or phone 020 7340 0551.

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